Monday, April 16, 2007

"Vacancy" Stills!

Kate's newest movie project, Vacancy, is set to be released on April 20th.

"A young married couple (Beckinsale & Luke Wilson) becomes stranded at an isolated motel and finds hidden video cameras in their room. They realize that unless they escape, they'll be the next victims of a snuff film" - IMDB

I've got some high resolution photos you Kate fans will enjoy!

and of course, the trailer:


dan murray said...

Thanks for the good pics-thanks--funny how little i can find as far as an early review of vacancy--i guess she took this role a while back when horror films were all the rage and wave--now there is a glut-hopefully this film may be different--dan murray

BruceMcc said...

You're right, Dan. I haven't be able to find a single review for Vacancy either.. What gives?

No press? Bloody hell. If you've looked through my blog you'll see where Kate talks about skipping events and whatnot to stay home. I just hope she doesn't skip the premiere of "Vacancy"

I don't suspect she will, because that would be absurd - but you never know.

While I did enjoy the Underworld films and Kate's character, I desperately look forward to Kate playing "Amy Fox"

I suspect this character role will be more serious and frightening, which will in turn give Kate a new dimension of acting we haven't seen before.

Hopefully the film enjoyable (nearly all films with Kate are though ;-) )



dan murray said...

Bruce, if you go to ROTTON TOMATOES, a movie site, today it has a few critics early reviews of the movie....
I think she is perfect to play the role in WHITEOUT...I have read the comic/novel and if done right that should be great....I hope that SNOW ANGELS get a distribution so that we might see that Sundance moive...have a great day--dan

BruceMcc said...

Thanks Dan, I just checked out Rotten Tomatoes. Terrible reviews.. Just 20%.. doh!

Even still I want to see the movie.

I haven't read the novel for Whiteout but I do look forward to the movie.

Snow Angels: I agree!

I've got a video interview with Kate coming up (about Vacancy!)

Cheers and have a nice day!