Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kate's Style - 2006 Events In-Depth

I hoped you've all enjoyed my previous post, and here as promised, is an in-depth look at Kate's styles in 2006. Again, this is all my opinion - so I'm not stating it as fact

Having looked over the year, I think Kate's fashion has much evolved. Perhaps with more maturity and at nearly every event, Kate went with tied back hair. I suspect that has something to do with that "bald patch", but I can't say for sure. Either way, It looks damn good!

January 16th - Golden Globe Awards

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Now here you can see Kate stuck with a more traditional, yet classy dress. I think she looks fabulous in every aspect, but I'm missing that streaked hair!

Bruce's rating: A-

June 16th - MTV Movie Awards

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Striking, although not my taste when it comes to outfits. Prefer a body forming dress or something like she wore at the 2004 MTV Movie awards. Still, I cannot deny she looks oh so sweet.

Bruce's rating: A-

October 16th - Spike TV Movie Awards

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This particular outfit happens to be one of my least favourite - not because she looks ugly, but because I see it as too flashy. Pardon me, but it appears a little slutty for Kate. Speaking of which, too much eye shadow. Her hair on the otherhand, looks fantastic. It drives me crazy when she ties it back.

Bruce's rating: C+

Januarary 11 - Underworld Evolution Premiere

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Even if the dress is a little vampire-ish (ha..Underworld, get it?..) I think it looks quite classy on her. Yet again, loving the tie back hair style.

Bruce's rating: A-

June 14th - "Click" LA premiere

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Beautiful. I love everything about this outfit.

Bruce's rating: A-

Unknown Date - "Click" Germany Premiere

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This is by far the worst look/outfit I've ever seen her show up in. I'm not alone either, most other Kate fanatics agree. It's unsexy, unclassy ..

Bruce's rating: D

Unknown Date - "Click" London Premiere

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As I said in my "2004 event In-Depth" post, I thought red suited Kate very well, in fact I even brought up this dress in that particular post. Aside from the fact that I feel the dress is somewhat extravagant:

Bruce's rating: B+

Bruce's Overall Favourites

June 15th - Tonight Show

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That particular episode of Jay Leno's Tonight Show remains my favourite not only because it was a hiliarious interview, but because Kate looked so amazing. Amazingly simple, yet gorgeous in all aspects!

Bruce's rating: A+

January 18th - TRL, Underworld Evolution Promotion

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I love this outfit! I realize that it may appear as a contridaction to like this outfit when I disliked the "Spike TV Movie Awards" one, but I don't care :P. Yes, this outfit is quite seductive and sexy, but I find it much more tasteful than that other outfit. I even see she added some fantastic coloured streaks in her hair. Beautiful, yet sexy combo.

Bruce's rating: A+

April 26th - Nina Ricci Fashion Show

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I know more than a few Kate fans which weren't particulary impressed with this outfit/style. I think it suits her perfectly. Her jewerly is rather interesting too.

Bruce's rating: A+

Anyways, I did miss out on a few events, but I think I've covered the most important ones.

Feel free to leave me a comment regarding you're personal favourite, or least favourite. I'd be interested!



dan murray said...

I found this site-blog- that has kate pics-you probalby have them all but here you go--great pics of her fashions...dan murray

BruceMcc said...

I haven't got those specific pictures, but I've got all of the originals which those wallpapers were created off.

However, thank you for the link.


dan murray said...

Bruce, here is a site with a bio on Kate,,,also WILKOPEDIA has a good bio and articles and video intervews--dan murray-for your reading pleaseure---also if you want to know how VACANCY ends withour seeing the picture-go to THEMOVIESPOLIER.COM and look for the review of the movie--it spoils the movie but proves kate is still the hero..but we knew that all along-


dan murray said...

that is themoviespoiler.com/-dan

BruceMcc said...

Very nice link Dan. Hadn't seen that one. There's lot of interesting information, especially the tidbits.

Lol at this one..

"Says she strips for her director husband Len Wiseman on a webcam when they are working apart. (December 13, 2005)"

Umm...Yeah :D I like that..

I haven't seen "Vacancy" yet. Have you Dan?

I heard the end is pretty dissapointing, but I'm going to spoil it and read the link you dropped off.


dan murray said...

no --i will try to see it this weekend--i had to take my wife to see HOTFUZZ last weekend and she does not like scary movies but puts up with my kate fixation...really looking forward to WHITEOUT as I have read the comic and it is a good story perfect for kate. dan murray in sunny orlando florida

dan murray said...

Thought you might like this,,,dan


BruceMcc said...

You mean you're wife is ok with you're Kate fixation?! ..lol

I also aim to see Vacancy next weekend too. As for Whiteout - I cannot wait!

I have a feeling it will be Kate's best film. Not only in terms of story, but in terms of acting.

Of course, I cannot say for sure. Just guessing.


I assume it was you that voted for "Click" on my "Favourite movie, staring Kate" poll?

I want to vote, but I want to wait to see Vacancy before I do so.

-Bruce, from cloudy Vancouver ;-)

P.S. - Thansk for the link