Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hello and Welcome!

If you've followed my personal blog over the last couple of weeks you'll notice I try my best to keep it fresh. However having said I'm having troubles, you see time isn't my issue, finding subject matter is. While I will update my other blog regularly I wanted to create another blog with one specific subject matter. Vehicles could have been a subject I chose and Rush, that could have been one too. Having said that, I've decided my new blog will be dedicated to an individual which I admire. If you've read my other blog you'll already know who I'm talking about, it is no one other than the fabulous Kate Beckinsale.

In my blog I will aim to keep up-to-date information on Kate Beckinsale. That includes upcoming movies she'll star in, articles, opinions, etc.

If you have not followed my other blog: My name is Bruce and I am twenty years old, I currently live in Vancouver British Columbia

Hope you enjoy!

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