Wednesday, April 25, 2007

2006 MTV Movie Awards

Here's some multi purpose entertainment for you, (IE. not entirely focused on Kate) but anyways her and Adam Sandler announce the best performance for a movie at the 2006 MTV Movie awards.

MTV Movie Awards (2006) - Awesome video clips here


dan murray said...

Bruce, my wife does not mind my Kate fixation as long as I say nothing about her Johnny Depp fixation. Good for all, all around.
No I did not vote for a favorite yet as each has something to offer, overall would have to says the first Underworld, as it has action, acting, story and romance all in one. The second had action and the other movies each has someting to offer. She looked good and was great in CLICK, hard to pick one-I think the best is yet to come...dan murray

BruceMcc said...

Ahh, I see. You're right, it is indeed good for all.

My Kate fixation didn't bother my ex-girlfriend. I think it was because she knew Kate was unattainable. She didn't like it when I showed interest in other girls her age though. Not that I always looking elsewhere, but you get my point.

Anyways, that's off topic. I had naturally assumed you voted for "Click", but I was wrong. The two current votes are from individuals other than us.

Again, I don't want to vote without seeing Vacancy, but I also happen to think the first Underworld is my favourite movie Kate has starred in.

"I think the best is yet to come..."


dan murray said...

Bruce, just to let you know I have collected each of kate's movies except SHOOTING FISH. So far I can only find it on AMAZON.COM but may buy it eventually. Here is a KATE fan site I found that has all of KATE's movies in one place--the reviews are fun to read..--so far the only movie I have that has kate nude-a good bit--- is UNCOVERED, a small ENGLISH/SPAINISH is pretty good, dan

dan murray said...

Also I found this strange little kate blog---dan

BruceMcc said...

Interesting links Dan. Thanks.

Funny you should mention the nudity. I've seen that clip from Uncovered. That film was apparently filmed in 1994, so to my caculations that would have made Kate just 21 years old.

Other than that, I'm sure as you've seen - she's got a nude scene in "Haunted". Although as far as I know a body double was used.


Interesting link (that Kate blog)

I think it's somehow fed through a news machine.. Hmm.

BTW, I'll update my blog tommorow.

dan murray said...

Bruce....from another movie blog...

Kate Beckinsale Denies Barbarella Talk last week, the rumor mill was buzzing with talk that Underworld star Kate Beckinsale would be taking on the title role in producer Dino De Laurentiis's remake of his classic sexy sci-fi tale Barbarella. Of course, the fact that the info was coming from the British tabloid Daily Express didn't help to allay the doubts of those who have been burned by U.K. tabloids in the past. Now, Beckinsale herself has confirmed to IGN that no one has even approached her about the film.

"I just found out myself today," the actress said last week from the set of the currently shooting Whiteout. "It's thrilling! I've never heard anything about it before today. One of the [Whiteout] crewmembers told me."

The planned remake of the 1968 Jane Fonda starrer is being scripted by Casino Royale screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. In years past, Lindsay Lohan and Drew Barrymore have both been mentioned as being up for the role, but an "unnamed insider" told the Express last week that "the feeling is that Kate has just the right combination of beauty, humor, and acting talent for the part."

Too bad nobody told Kate that. Still, the actress joked with IGN that if she did take the role, it would require a name change.

"Beckinsale-arella!" she laughed. "It's gotta happen!"


BruceMcc said...

Lol, I had gotten that news last night and it was going to be part of my update today ;-)

BruceMcc said...

By the way Dan, I got the chance to see "Vacancy" yesterday. Review coming up in the next few days!