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Kate's Style - 2004 Events In-Depth

It's not often that I'm talking about fashion, in fact I think this may be a first. I'm not a "fashion buff" myself - in fact I'm quite the opposite. However, as Kate is a subject which is close to my heart I thought it'd be interesting to examine her 2004 styles.

Bar none, Kate's best years (in terms of looks) was 2004. My oh my, she looked amazing. Of course even in 2005 and 2006 Kate looked fantastic, but 2004 was the "year of looks". Mainly because Kate was using many extensions through out her hair styles (which could be an explanation for that bald patch which the paparazzi had picked up on in later years)

Nearly every outfit she showed up in was a stunner.

June 5th -MTV Movie Awards

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I've got to say her apparel on this particular day stands as one of the most beautiful styles she's ever gone with. Sure, it wasn't a sparkling dress or skirt - but it's just plain sexy. Her hair on that particular day was heavenly, and it looks like she may have been using a bit of red colouring. In fact, many of her best photo shoots shot in 2004 followed this style of hair (both for Van Helsing and The Aviator)

Bruce's rating: A+

June 16th - Crest Whitestrip Style Awards

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Loved nearly everything about the above outfit, but wasn't too fond on the boots (even if they matched the colour scheme) Hair style looking great!

Bruce's rating: B+

October 16th - Gala Awards

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Beautiful dress, and so perfect for a women of taste like Kate.

Bruce's rating: A-

December 14th- The New York Aviator Premiere

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The dress is nice, but I find the colour resulting in a lack of appeal and excitement. Especially when compared to some of her other outfits. Also worth mentioning is that Kate is someone who was born with pale skin and on this particular day, it's quite noticeable.

Aside from that it's obvious Kate went with a different hair style and to say the least, I loved it.

Bruce's rating: B- (even with the beautiful hair!)

Oh and on a side note, Kate appeared on The View with this hair style and it is surely one of her best looks. Wow, just wow!

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December Aviator premiere style - 1st and 19th

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To save a little space I'm going to sum these two up in the same paragraph, because after all Kate looked near indentical at both the Los Angeles and London Premiere. Always found this look to be a little unexciting. Dare I say, even a little "un-Kate". There's even something different about her face here and I suspect it might be the overuse of makeup.

Bruce's rating: C+

May 3rd - Van Helsing Premiere

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Hair is looking perfect here. Dress colour is nice, but I'm not fond of the alternating and crossing front.

Bruce's rating: A-

Bruce's Overall Favourites:

June 10th - AFI Lifetime Achievement Award - A Tribute to Meryl Streep

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Of all of Kate's amazing styles in 2004, June 10th remains one of my favourites. (if not my all time favourite)

Now this is what I think about when the words "Classy" and "Kate" come together. This is my humble opinion is her best outfit of the year, not to mention hair style. That dress is pure class and downright gorgeous. Even as a male, I can appreciate how fabulous this outfit looks.

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Even the down to the last detail of her shoes show taste and here again, I bring up the "hair". I love all of her other hair styles in 2004, but when it comes to a style made to make an impression, this is the king (or queen in this case..)

Bruce's rating: A+ (and ++++++)

May 5th - The Today Show

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Yet another beautiful style from Kate. I view this outfit (and look) as stylish, sexy and modern. Despite what I'd usually view as a color diaster, I think these three colours work very well together. Especially the red! (which has always looked smoking on Kate, evident by some candids with red spandex and her dress at the 2006 London Premiere of Click). The sunglasses she's sporting in the above photo happens to be my favourite pair she owns (or least that I've seen, because she's got a huge collection - FYI, she wore those shades on June 5th too)

Bruce's rating: A+ (and ++++++)

Meanwhile Vacancy is to be released tomorrow, so you can expect a new set of premiere photos (which I will have for you Kate fans ;) ) I assume she'll come as a blond and it'll be interesting to see what she looks like.

Further to that, I'd like to create an in-Depth look at Kate's 2006 styles (probably on the upcoming Monday)


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Thank you, Dan. I'm glad you Enjoyed my last post!

Glad to hear Vacancy's Rating has increased. I hope to see it over the weekend, but may not be able to.

Regarding Lily: I see what you mean. Looking at candids from 2004 up through 2006 I'm starting to see Lily looking like Kate. I don't doubt she'll be a beauty ten years down the road.