Friday, April 27, 2007

13th Sexiest Woman & More

In a recent voting poll from the American FHM magazine our lovely Kate was voted (by the public) as the thirteen sexiest woman in the world. The 33 year old actress beat out popular choices like Halle Berry, Elisha Cuthbert, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Eva Longoria. Congratulations Kate!



Beckinsale Denies Barbarella Talk

"Never heard anything about it" by Scott Collura April 26, 2007

Last week, the rumor mill was buzzing with talk that Underworld star Kate Beckinsale would be taking on the title role in producer Dino De Laurentiis's remake of his classic sexy sci-fi tale Barbarella.

Of course, the fact that the info was coming from the British tabloid Daily Express didn't help to allay the doubts of those who have been burned by U.K. tabloids in the past. Now, Beckinsale herself has confirmed to IGN that no one has even approached her about the film. "I just found out myself today," the actress said last week from the set of the currently shooting Whiteout. "It's thrilling! I've never heard anything about it before today.

One of the [Whiteout] crewmembers told me." The planned remake of the 1968 Jane Fonda starrer is being scripted by Casino Royale screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. In years past, Lindsay Lohan and Drew Barrymore have both been mentioned as being up for the role, but an "unnamed insider" told the Express last week that "the feeling is that Kate has just the right combination of beauty, humor, and acting talent for the part."

Too bad nobody told Kate that. Still, the actress joked with IGN that if she did take the role, it would require a name change. "Beckinsale-arella!" she laughed.

"It's gotta happen!"


dan murray said...

13 has never been a luckier number...dan--god she is sharp..

BruceMcc said...

That's true..But I wouldn't worry =)

"god she is sharp.."

Without a doubt!


dan murray said...

If you go to this blog and scroll down to #12-he talks about KATE and Barbarella and her breasts...see what you think--dan

BruceMcc said...

Very interesting..I'll keep it calm

Actually to be honest, those comments infuriate me. Of course everyone is entitlted to an opinion, but I'm sorry, that is just ridiculous. I'll refrain from commenting on his post though.

Kate doesn't have the biggest breasts in the world, but she's got a hell of a lot more to offer than most other female celebrities (of course, that's just my opinion)

It also appears when Kate is voted the 13th hottest woman in the world people happen to agree with me on the above comment.

I think her breasts are fine as they are, in fact I think Kate is fine as she is. I wouldn't change a thing.

dan murray said...

Not that this is about kate but here is a college professor writing about underworld evolution...he hay too muvh time on his hands but it is good reading-dan

BruceMcc said...

Thanks for the link, Dan.

I'll check it out.

dan murray said...

I thought this was funny article on kate-dan

BruceMcc said...

Great link Dan. Thanks.

I also see a touchy article about Kate's comments on Anorexia. I will comment about that on Saturday.