Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 21st/07 Candids (Aiport)

Shots taken in the L.A. Airport.

Special thanks to my reader "Alice" for the heads up.

On that same day; Kate, Lily and Len went shopping. Those particular shots can be found here:


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Whiteout Poster

Comic-Con & Kate

From Comic-Con:

Whiteout, the new film from Joel Silver's Dark Castle genre label (which usually makes pretty lousy movies like House on Haunted Hill), is based on an award-winning graphic novel by Greg Rucka. Set in Alaska, it's a murder mystery -- looks a bit like a big-budget version of Larry Fessenden's The Last Winter.

Joel Silver has on a hideous pale green sportcoat that looks like baby vomit.

Greg says he's very happy with what he's seen. Without him even telling them, they came up with scenes exactly like some of the one he wanted to in the book but didn't think would work on the page.

Director Dominic Sena responds to a young kid's question about pranks on the set by saying Kate Beckinsale was always funny, but he won't repeat her jokes, which were "too x-rated, involves her mother and dildoes and all sorts of things." Greg chimes in: "You realize that kid is like seven years old, right?"

Joel says having Kate be in a parka the whole movie was "my least favorite thing."

The movie was shot in Upper Manitoba. Asked if there were any special requirements to film there, Sena replies "stay alive."

Joel goes out of the room, and comes back with Kate Beckinsale. Pretty much every question asked of her is a variation on "how was this different from Underworld?"

"I slept with the director way fewer times."
"I was allowed to use my own teeth."
Asked if she'd ever be a Bond girl, Kate says "I do feel I've embarassed my daughter enough." She feels she doesn't want to do scenes in underwear any more, and thus isn't interested in Wonder Woman either.

Audience member asks if it's harder working with a greenscreen, or learning Shakespeare?

She replies: "It's hard yelling at a stick."
Dominic replies "That's Julia Roberts!"


Friday, July 27, 2007

First Comic-Con Photos!

Taken earlier today.

My God, is she looking fabulous or what? Love the outfit too!

P.S. - I'm on the lookout for more photos!

July 25th/07 Candids

Taken in L.A.