Monday, April 30, 2007

"Vacancy" Review

Excerpts from my "Vacancy" Review

-While it doesnt persist entirely through the movie, this has got to be the least likable character I’ve ever seen Kate Beckinsale play. For the first half she plays quite a bitch (although you find out her attitude is understandable)

-Her acting is very good in this movie and while I found myself disappointed not hearing Kate’s beautiful accent, she played her American role very well. Her American accent was perfect (as in "Click")

-Dare I say it’s one of her better acting roles? I think I would. As far as I care, the “Underworld” films didn't really display her true acting skills, nor did “Click” (although she was great in both). The character of Amy Fox is far less likable and because of that I believe it’s a better display of her acting talent.


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dan murray said...

I also saw Vacancy this weekend...It was well done, I agree that Luke Wilson held his own and he impressed me a lot. I was prepared not to be stressed by the mvoie but it was tense and creepy. Glad Kate got to kill them all in the end.......I thought two items were inconsistent...first the tunnel in the bathroom had a rug over it...who replaced the rug over the hatch as the bad guys were seen in the room several times but did not attack-they could only have come out of the bathroom tunnel --who put the rug back? Also the first time they were back in the motel office after going through the tunnel--Kate and Luke were looking for a weapon...Luke knew that there was a gun over the desk but seemed to forget that it was there-also why did Luke not take out the cameras...-overall a well crafted movie and I wanted to nail the desk guy when he was punching Kate in face--that was hard to take-----dan murray

BruceMcc said...

Hey Dan,

Good point regarding that carpet in the hotel room. I didn't even think of that.

As for the weapon at the front desk: I noticed that... Oops!

And yes, that desk guy was a real bastard. Arggh... I wish he would have had a more gruesome death.

BruceMcc said...

By the way Dan,

I'd be interested. What would you rate Vacancy out of 10?

dan murray said...

Bruce...well the acting was great for a suspense movie but the story was well done but needed more "meat", maybe too simple.
Overall I enjoyed the movie as the bad guys were all dead at the end by Kate's hands. I would give it a 6.5 to a generous 7. The mood and acting suited the least the bad guy did not get up again ...tired old plot device..looking foreward to Whiteout...dan

BruceMcc said...

Thanks for the response

"at least the bad guy did not get up again ...tired old plot device.."

For sure!

"looking foreward to Whiteout..."

As do I. Looks like an interesting story with great potentional as a movie.