Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lily's Birthday: The Local Fire Station

"A typically chic Kate Beckinsale is spotted taking her daughter Lily Sheen out to celebrate her 9th birthday on Tuesday at a firehouse in Santa Monica, CA.

Joined by one of Lily’s BFFs, the mum-and-daughter duo enjoyed a tour and even a quick ride on a fire truck!

As for Kate and her director hubby Len Wiseman, don’t expect the UK imports to return to their motherland any time soon. In a new interview, Kate said: “I’ve had the training in the wind and snow, but I’ve completely lost my tolerance for bad weather. I’m terrible. I can’t even go home in the winter.”

Britain’s loss is America’s gain!"

Above text and photos courtesty of Fadedyouthblog.com

The below photos are courtesty of PopSugar.com

My Thoughts:

Oh deary me. Would you have a look at that outfit. That ought to turn heads, especially as the pants aren't exactly your regular pair old jeans, but the perfect pair of body forming spandax(?). And suffice to say, the boots certainly add to her already vibrant sexiness and allure. And the zebra-styled long arm top, you ask? I think it looks perfect. Nice outfit Kate!

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dan murray said...

it is going to be a great year for Kate watchers....cannot wait for her movies..dan murray--thanks all