Thursday, February 28, 2008

Goofy Bit

Boy oh boy. Me and Kate had a fantastic time last night.

*pinches self*

Damnit. Sorry, that was in a dream I had early this morning.

Just a quick reminder (as seen
HERE & HERE), our belovded Kate graces the front cover of Allure this month. Kate afficando's, don't forget to get your own copy!


dan murray said...

Bruce...yes I have my own copy--she was on the cover two years ago as are six clips from SNOW far it is starting out to be a great Kate year...hopefully soon we will see her making the talk show rouns for her new movies..thanks--dan murray

dan murray said...

funny,,,I had that same dream with Kate as well....she gets around..

Rafael said...

Just sick man!

*i got my own copy!

Anonymous said...

Wow...don't they have women in Vancouver? If not come to Wyoming...we can find you one here. Just kidding....I didn't buy it...but I will the next time Johnny Depp is on the cover.