Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"An Oddly-Wed"

It's coming up folks, Kate and Len's wedding anniversary.

Three cheers for our favourite couple in Hollywood!

"Kate Beckinsale and her director husband Len Wiseman will be celebrating their 4 year wedding anniversary on May 9th and she insists her marriage is still strong, something she believes is almost unheard of in Tinseltown.

She says, “Any more than three years is a really long time to be married here in Hollywood. I feel like we’re oddly-weds rather than newlyweds, like we’re in our dotage or something.”

And Becksinale admits sometimes it’s tough having a movie maker for a husband - thanks to his work schedule.

She explains, “He is really supportive. The only thing I hate about being married to a director is that he works so much and he’s away a lot, like when he was working on the Die Hard film for 900 years, and that’s lame.”"

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nichomach said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww...bless! :D

Alice said...

Ah yeah I remember she had a hard time when Len was filming DH4. Glad it's over =) and congrats for lasting so long!