Friday, February 22, 2008

Grisogono's Hollywood Dominos Benefit (2/21/08)

For 'The Art Of Elysium', taken just yesterday.

Oh boy. Kate's worn fantastic dresses before, but this is easily amongst my all time outfits she's worn. Certainly in my top five along with past favourites such as the dress she wore to the Die Hard 4.0 premiere and the dress she wore to the Life time achievement awards for Meyrl Streep back in 2004. There's a real radiance about this dress - particularly in the way it's been cleany finished. The lines and stiching appear to be beautifully crafted and perfectly mingle with the bottom legging. The legging manages to looks undeniably sexy, yet classy at the same time.

Meanwhile - and as always - Kate's looking fantastic. Not only is her hair is looking oh-so gorgeous, but her eyes seems to be extremly vibrant in colour in this set.

Verdict: way to go Kate! Nice choice!

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