Monday, February 4, 2008

Kate Dislikes English Weather

LONDON: British actress Kate Beckinsale says she has lived so long in Los Angeles that she can no longer tolerate the cold and damp weather of England.

Beckinsale believes she is "a really bad English person" because she hates the weather. She was upset recently with the torrential rain in Los Angeles, reports.

She said: "I've had the training in the wind and snow, but I've completely lost my tolerance for bad weather. I'm terrible. I can't even go home in the winter."

LOL Yes, she likes LA weather, she's learned to drive, she faux tans, she wears trendy clothes, even when shopping at Target. In short, Kate is now an LA girl!!!

Special hahaha to Russ, you miserable douchebag. I'm sure you're reading this under some username you've slipped past me. Guess who was right about whether she would stay in LA or go back to the UK?

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