Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spotted @ STK Restaurant (3/9/08)

"This weekend Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsale were spotted leaving STK restaurant in LA. None of their hot husbands were in sight and while we knew Eva and Posh have been friends for a while now — Eva bonded with Victoria during her Spice Girls tour and she was even there to cheer on David at his first game with the LA Galaxy last July, but we didn't know Kate B was part of the clique. The three ladies ate and then headed to the lounge for after dinner drinks with the protection of their bodyguards. Posh even surprised quite a few women when she waited in line to use the "regular" restroom. Could you even imagine opening the door only to see Posh waiting on the other side? Now that would totally be major!

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