Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kate In 'Mean Magazine'

"good evening! actress kate beckinsale is gracing the new cover of mean magazine (there sure are a lot of magazines out there - if it weren't for blogging i wouldn't know half of 'em) she's posing as new wave french cinema actress anna karina (who is still alive at age 67) there's a video the magazine whipped up that shows ms. beckinsale's photo shoot mixed up with footage of ms. karina in the 1967 french film anna (with music from serge gainsbourg) kate is also starring in a new film that released this past weekend called snow angels which looks like a pretty intense drama/mystery - i'm so falling behind on my new year's resolution - i need to get myself to the movies more...if i could just stop playing video games! right now i'm all about super smash bros. brawl on the wii which hit stores today - i can't stop playing it! getting back to ms. beckinsale for a minute - i'm still getting a chuckle over her quote from last week about her lady bits being sacred like a pharoah's tomb - she certainly takes her pussy seriously! (although that quote would have packed more punch back in the day when all the tombs were still free from exploring & pillaging!) tomorrow it's back to the grind but i hope everyone had a swell weekend - i'm totally bummed about losing an hour of sleep but the extra bit of daylight will be worth it! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo! "

Text Courtesy of PopBytes.com; Photos and video courtesy of Mean Magazine

As I'm sure you'll agree, Kate looks friggen gorgeous in this shoot. And I'm not the least bit surprised Kate was choosen. She really does have an old school Hollywood essence to her. Not to mention, she did play Ava Gardner. ;-)

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