Tuesday, March 18, 2008

'Mean Magazine' Interview Excerpts

On her lack of sleep as a new mother:
“I remember turning up on the set of Pearl Harbor and all the boys had been to boot camp and I had a 14-month-old baby, and had been told that I had to be in the gym four hours a day. On top of the not sleeping and all this physical activity, the boys kept saying, ‘Wow, it was so tough, you have no idea.’ I remember thinking to myself, ‘You went for five days, I haven’t slept in 14 months. You want to go toe to toe?' "

On the inspiration for high heels:
“Apparently, during orgasm, a woman’s feet move like this [makes tiptoe gesture], and that’s the reason they invented high heels. So next time you’re having an orgasm, pay attention to your feet and you’ll see.”

On the responsibilities of being a mother:
“Babies show up as themselves. I really do believe you can f*** a person up terribly by being a bad parent, but they arrive kind of 80 percent baked, and that 20 percent is crucial, but they do show up with personality."

On the appeal of raw food: “I can’t do raw. I can’t do sushi, even. Anything that has that vaginal quality to it. I’d rather an actual vagina than that, honestly."

On 9-year-old daughter Lily:
"She's into 'Hannah Montana' -- and The Beatles, which I'm happy about. And anything medical she's kind of interested in. She's pretty cool. She likes Joan Crawford movies ... she's been around too many gay men! [Also,] she really does have the exact same [British] accent I do, which is amazing because she's been in school in America now for four or five years. The first day she went, she came back furious, and said, 'Why does everyone keep looking at me and why are they telling me I sound like Harry Potter and who is Harry Potter and why are they telling me I sound like a boy?' And then she figured out it was kind of cool, and she worked it. [laughs]

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