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Kate Talks 'Snow Angels' & 'Underworld'

Kate recently did an interview with one Rebecca Murray this past week in promotion of Snow Angels. Excerpts of the online article can be found below:

“She's got a job that's not fulfilling. She's solely responsible physically, financially for a child. She has a husband who she's separated from who is kind of like another child almost and not responsible,” explained Beckinsale. “She's kind of responsible for her mother. I think she's very oppressed by her life and feels like she was going to get more out of it than she did and disappointed and struggling. Because she's busy and overwhelmed, her life's kind of like a treadmill that she can't get off. She makes certain choices because she's so consumed in the just next thing all the time.”

- “Then [she] finds herself on a really tough journey, things that are happening to her that are going to spoil everything. I think she's a single mother and I've been a single mother and been under the same pressures that she's been under. It's a very common feeling of loneliness and pressure and responsibility that a lot of people I think feel. It's just that Annie's circumstances ramp up.”

- Thankfully, getting into and then stepping back from this character was something Beckinsale was able to do as needed. “It depends on the scene,” offered Beckinsale. “I think some of the scenes towards the end of the movie, it became like Sam [Rockwell] and I going into our corners like a big boxing match. We'd get our little mouth guards out and take a breather and come back. There's not a lot of joking in that because you really want to keep - when there's a great energy that you have and it's working, you don't want to distract from it. It's very easy to be distracted on a film set. There's so much going on and people running around.”

- Despite the film’s dark qualities, Beckinsale says the set was a happy one - thanks to how writer/director David Gordon Green ran it. “…We had loads of fun. He picked a lot of people who were capable of having a good laugh. That really helped…”

- Also fun for the British actress was the opportunity to not have to look like a movie star. Beckinsale says it was refreshing to take part in a movie that wasn’t all about looking glamorous. “I feel less insecure about looking like sh*t seeing as I can do that just waking up easier than the other thing. I don't know. The whole glamorous thing is puzzling to me. I was monumentally ugly until I was about 15 so I still have that mindset.”

- After completing Snow Angels, Beckinsale stayed busy with a batch of other film projects including Winged Creatures with Dakota Fanning and Forest Whitaker and Nothing But the Truth with David Schwimmer. “In Winged Creatures I play a single mother who's a waitress in a diner who witnesses a random shooting murder and becomes affected with post traumatic stress and starts harming her baby. Another light comedy. Then Nothing But the Truth, I play a journalist who exposes somebody she knows as a covert CIA operative and is taken to the grand jury to reveal the source and won't, [and she] goes to jail. It's not Judith Miller. It sounds like Judith Miller, but it's not actually Judith Miller. Kind of a little bit like that.”

On Underworld:

- And what of those rumors of a cameo in the prequel? “They're shooting it right now. It's in New Zealand so probably not. But it's a family movie,” said Beckinsale. “My daughter's dad is the lead and my husband's producing it so I feel like we've got the family franchise going.”

- It’s definitely unusual that everyone gets along so well, and Beckinsale knows she’s lucky. As for how she did it, Beckinsale said, “I think because I pick great guys. I love Michael. Michael's fantastic. It shouldn't necessarily have gone on and on forever with us, but he is one of my absolutely favorite people ever. I think we both felt that it was really important for Lily, our daughter, to have everybody coming from the same place. He loves her and I love her and Len loves her. Everyone's nice. The guys both get along. I do feel like that's my major achievement of the last decade that my daughter is totally unscathed and great. I am proud of that.”

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