Sunday, November 11, 2007


Firstly, I must sincerely apologize for the three day delay in updating KateBecks. In addition to being strained for time personally, news relating to our beloved Kate hasn't exactly been rushing in.

Anyhoo, the first update is a review of the Blueray version of "Vacancy" written by one Peter Cullen. Peter not only gives us a respectable review on the film, but takes the time to go through some of the features which this recently released Blueray version of the film features.


"So it is a refreshing change to see a film like Vacancy eschewing the full-on gross out horror that has become the norm and letting the viewer imagine and experience fear via tension and scares rather than buckets of claret."

"As unsavoury as the premise of the film may be, Vacancy is more of a thriller than a horror film, and you would have seen more blood and guts in an episode of Millennium than here. Fans of suspense should enjoy this one."

Bonus Features

Functional without being overkill would be a good description for the bonus features on this disc. First up is what the menu calls an alternate beginning is actually an alternate ending, a brief camera pan that ties the story up a little better than the actual ending does. How the mistake got past the disc creation is beyond me!

There is a single deleted scene that is rather forgettable, the complete snuff film reel is included but considering the film goes out of its way to cover the horror up, it seems a slightly strange choice to include here.

The main feature is a 22 minute “making of” documentary. Nothing particular awe inspiring here, your average talking head piece where the principal actors talk about the film but there’s nothing particularly interesting revealed.

Sadly there is no writer or directors commentary which would have completed the set nicely. Minor gripes aside, the features are presented in 1080i/MPEG2 and look just fine (the Raccoon Encounter is 480i SD video).

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Though neither the article or the pictures within the article are new, a writer on Egotastic summed up their insight on Kate's spectacular body - based upon shots taken at the Die Hard 4: Live free or Die Hard premiere a while back:

Link to his comments

P.S. - Happy Remembrance Day to you all.

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