Friday, November 2, 2007

Just One More

Having yet to post a picture of Kate's costume from the rear, I thought you'd folks would like to see this picture I just recently stumbled upon. And may I say it again, what a costume!

I honestly think Kate wins the award of "best costume this Halloween worn by a celebrity". I mean c'mon, look at Paris Hilton's costumes -
"Marine" and "Alice in Wonderland". They're so slutty it's not even funny. Meanwhile, Britney Spears' was tasteless and almost disgusting, while Danielle Lloyd also went for a truly revealing and ultimately, slutty outfit.

While outfits worn by both
Christina Milian and Avril Lavigne were downright dreadful (in my opinion), at least they weren't slutty! Other such non-slutty outfits worn by celebrities this year include those worn by Heidi Klum and Petra Nemcova (cat and Cleopatra, respectively - See HERE), Gwen Stefani (cat, yet again) and Liv Tyler (native American!)

What makes Kate's costume so great in my opinion is that it's undoubtedly sexy, but shows no skin whatsoever. As a result, I believe that it is appropriate for most any party. On the other hand, maybe I'm just biased...


dan murray said...

great pics bruce--i was wondering what the back of the costume looked like--thanks --you were reading my mind...have a great weekend
dan murray

BruceMcc said...

You're welcome Dan.

Have a great weekend yourself!

Alice said...

There's even a tail? Bwahaha!!

BruceMcc said...

Yup. Quite cute, eh? =)

Costume of the year!