Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Columbus Short Interview

You might recall, Kate went to Columbus' Birthday just a few months ago (September 18th).

His debut film opened at number one, and Columbus Short’s follow-up flick is looking at a high-profile opening later this month. So, what project does the fast-rising actor want to use his newfound clout to help bring to the screen?


“I’m in a movie with kitty-cat-Kate,” he joked, revealing a playful nickname for his “Whiteout” co-star Ms. Beckinsale. “That one drops next October and it’s me, Kate, and Gabriel Macht. It’s a suspense/thriller that takes place in Antarctica. I’m a U.S. Coast Guard pilot, she’s a U.S. Marshall, and we’re on this track to figure out the first murder in Antarctica; it’s going to be an interesting tale.”

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