Monday, May 7, 2007

Winged Creatures Distributor

Kate's new movie, "Winged Creatures" recently received a new distributor.

Peace Arch Entertainment Group has acquired worldwide distribution rights in all media to the feature film "Winged Creatures," starring Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Hudson and Jackie Earle Haley. The cast of the ensemble drama, directed by Rowan Woods ("Little Fish") also includes Guy Pearce, Kate Beckinsale and Dakota Fanning.

"Winged Creatures" will be offered for sale at the Cannes Film Festival by Julie Sultan, Peace Arch executive vp of international theatrical film sales.

The film is written by Roy Freirich and produced by Robert Salerno. It concerns the survivors of a senseless multiple murder who are left to cope with their own mortality and their connection to society.

Peace Arch Entertainment president John Flock said, " 'Winged Creatures' is an extraordinarily moving work that exemplifies the type of high-quality independent feature that Peace Arch is now supplying to worldwide markets. As we head into Cannes in two weeks, we believe 'Winged Creatures' will be one of the most sought-after titles at the market, and with our newly expanded sales team we anticipate great success for both our filmmakers and our shareholders."

In "Winged Creatures," though commonly linked by a life-changing tragedy, the survivors of a senseless multiple murder are each left to divine their own path to understanding their personal mortality and their connection to society.

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