Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Kate Candids - May 22nd

Here are some brand new candid photos from an airport (unfortunately I'm not sure of which one). As we can see, Kate is back to her natural hair colour and as we saw in the "Vacancy" interviews, the length of her hair is shorter than normal.


dan murray said...

I cannot get the the pics--it keeps asking me to sign in to the image shack---hope to see them soon-dan--also I agree on Serendipity---as other trash comes out this movie ages well---good acting. With my wife unfortunatley I see quite a few chick flicks--last Sunday I was the only man in the movie house watching the latest Linsey Lohann flick with my wife--it works out...she will sit through almost anything as long as I buy her a big popcorn....have a great weekend-dan murray

dan murray said...

it asks to go to

BruceMcc said...

Doh! Thanks for the heads up. It shouldn't be asking you to login in to view the pictures..

I'll upload them to imageshack and post them in a few mintues.

Yup, Serendipity is quite a good film.

That sucks on the chick flicks. Surprisingly I've seen more than a handful of Lindsay Lohan films. Not sure

You have a great weekend too!

BruceMcc said...

Ok, I've changed the Image links to Imagevenue. Give them a try now.