Monday, May 28, 2007

Move Over Kids

Thirty three is indeed a number of relevance, in fact it happens to be the age of our lovely Kate Beckinsale. It appears that number isn't a turn of either as we've recently seen Kate score highly on 2007 "sexiest" and "hottest" lists.

It truly is a feat and it's even more evident when you see the girls which have either lost out, or if not lost, at least been threatened by Kate on these lists. For example, take a look at the recent "top 100 hot" published by Maxim magazine where Kate nabbed the 21st position. Within the top thirty choices there are only about two other women around Kate's age (Eva Longoria, etc).

Now I'm not saying older women can't be sexy, because that is simply untrue, but the fact remains is that lists of these sorts often stray away from women in their forties and sadly, even thirties. Contrary to what they say, or we might think these lists are somewhat biased on the age of the individual.

As a result, when it comes to list as these Kate is often fighting off much younger women. As I've stated before, Kate and fellow British actress Keira Knightley, always seem to be jossling for a particular spot. The fact that Kate is twelve years older than Keira is quite amazing, and it further proves Kate is still wowing the crowds.

Mind you, I'm not meaning to implicate Kate is "old" by any means, but the fact is that she is able to keep up and even surpass the younger women on these lists is nothing short of an accomplishment. She should be mighty proud!

I'm glad to see Kate is still recognized as a "hotty" despite the fact that's she's getting older. Thankfully, Kate has aged like fine wine and she's tasting sweeter with time. She's still unbelievably sexy, gorgeous and stunning.

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