Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Common Complaint

Is Kate's husband, Len Wiseman, ugly?

Uh, well I am not going to answer that, because I am heterosexual male.

Anyhow, it would appear such discussion is a frequent among Kate Fanatics, comments such as "Kate can do better" and/or "Len looks like a bulldog" are indeed overly common. Such is not for me to say, but nonetheless it's interesting to hear what people have to say.

Another comment being "Len is certainly a "fit" guy, is she attracted to his physique or perhaps his character?". In any event, we will never know why and I personally, have no desire to know such. Whatever attraction she sees in Len is none of my business. As long as she's happy - I'm happy ;-)

Although I should mention, if the general female public do consider him to be less than attractive, I'll think even more admirably of Kate (if you understand what I mean).

Anyway, I apologize for the ridiculous topic, but it's been something hovering on my mind.

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