Monday, May 21, 2007


I suppose I don’t have to tell you Kate’s native origins are from Great Britain and that naturally, her parents are also from Britain. However did you know that Kate’s maternal grandfather is actually Burmese?

This Eastern Asian culture is based within Tibet and are thought to have originally migrated from Mongolia. This information tidbit is actually rather new to me, but I cannot say I’m overly surprised. I’ve always thought Kate had a very interesting pair of eyes and furthermore, a few exotic features to her overall face.

Perhaps merely a coincidence, but feel free to voice your opinion.

Take a look at this photo:

By the way, doesn’t she look gorgeous above? The only answer is “yes” ;-)


dan murray said...

I thought you would like this was funny---kate stated that she is not getting enough sex since Len is too busy on the set.....see the write up below..dan M.

BruceMcc said...

That was my news update today! ;-)