Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wearing Them Shades

It's no secret that Kate likes to indulge herself in the fashion of sunglasses.

I was looking through my candid photo collection the other day and noticed that in nearly every photo she was wearing sunglasses. She must have twenty or so odd pairs..

See for yourself:

Ok.. so that's twelve pairs. But they're are a few which I didn't include, so in reality it's about sixteen pairs.

Judging on the various candids it appears this is her favourite pair:

Image Hosted by

My personal favourite pair would be:

Image Hosted by

So there you have some useless, yet somewhat fun information =)


dan murray said...

Here is another sunglass picture--dan

BruceMcc said...

Thanks Dan ;-)

dan murray said...

Here is another one I Found-DAN

dan murray said...

by the way i was going to mention that although i live in the USA and was born in the states, both my parents are Canadians and most of my relatives are scattered all over Canada...most in Toronto.
GOODAY ehh...Dan

BruceMcc said...

That's interesting and exciting news Dan.

I'm native Canadian. Both of my parents were born and raised in the Great White North.

I personally have had the pleasure of living in Washington state and very much enjoyed it.