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"Snow Angels" Trailer & Release Date

Hats off to Dan Murray yet again (who previously steered us towards the "Whiteout" promo pictures) for providing this fantastic link which not only provides a trailer for "Snow Angels", but the official release date for the film! (March 7th '08)

Be sure to check
THIS link (courtesy of to watch the trailer for the movie.

December 13, 2007
Original Source: Yahoo
by Alex Billington

You need to see this trailer! Snow Angels is a phenomenal movie from Sundance last year with an incredible ensemble cast made up of Kate Beckinsale, Sam Rockwell in his greatest performance ever, the charming and gorgeous Olivia Thirlby, and up-and-comer Michael Angarano. It's a drama that brings out an emotional response like no other and I won't even dare spoil it. It's not set to arrive until March of next year, but this is one to keep eye on and not miss, as it's such an incredible movie.

You can read my review from Sundance as well - I gave it a strong 8 out of 10. Snow Angels is directed by indie filmmaker David Gordon Green who is actually currently working on Pineapple Express, the Judd Apatow stoner comedy with Seth Rogen and James Franco. If you can believe it, he went from what you see below in the trailer to this "reefer madness".

The story of Snow Angels is fairly simply, and perhaps even familiar in the independent arena. A couple that have separated (Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale) are each attempting to pick up the threads of a future when they are dealt a further blow that leads to a dark conclusion. And a somewhat-nerdy young man in the throes of discovering a first romance must also deal with the separation and consequent strife of his parents’ failed relationship.

Snow Angels was both written and directed by David Gordon Green, of Undertow, All the Real Girls, Pleasant Grove, and George Washington. The film is an adaptation of the novel by Stewart O'Nan of the same name. Snow Angels arrives in limited theaters starting on March 7th, 2008.

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