Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shopping @ Fred Segal (12/18/07)

"Why is it every time I see Kate Beckinsale doing ANYTHING her hair is flawless? Don’t get me wrong, I am really happy for her that she is blessed with such great genes. BUT COME ON! Give a girl a break. I’m running around town with a ratty ponytail and this girl looks like she is filming a Pantene commercial all year long. What shampoo does she use!!

Here she is with her daughter Lily heading to Fred Segal to do a little shopping. I usually adore what ever Kate’s wearing, but what do you think of shorts and nylons?"

Courtesy of I'm Not

As for my opinion on the shorts and nylons? I think it looks surprisingly good.


dan murray said...

I am out for a week--have a happy christmas and see you next year...hope next year has more KATE..

Dan Murray orlando, fla.usa

Alice said...

So many candids in so little time, AT LAST!! Taht's our christmas present I guess ;)
Thanks for all the news Bruce, and merry christmas if I don't get online again ^^

BruceMcc said...

You're welcome Alice!

You two have a good Christmas :-)