Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Candids (12/8/07)

Never too late for some Christmas shopping!

More at the following link courtesy of


Kluz said...

I'm a bit disappointed that she wears fur.
For sure I'm not a "vegetarian fundamentalist" , but fur ... especially in 2008 ...

BruceMcc said...

Lol. I more than somewhat agree.

Kluz said...

I mean even besides the moral aspect , fortunately that isn't at least such a big peace , I have doubts regarding the aesthetic value of that kind of clothing ( I don't find it that classy , real or fake on this aspect is more or less the same) and the tecnical ( we are in 2008 , we have goretex etc. and then how much cold can it ever get in Malibu ? You cant mistake it for Alaska.. ) I thought fur would somehow gradually desappear with the generation that is now > 65 yo... but many times I see I was wrong .

In any case, I like Kate so much I'm afraid I would somehow forgive her even if her nickname would be
"Cruella de Vil" :)

Kluz said...

for sure my english isn't that good and a might have done many more big or small mistakes.
But,at least let me correct the beginning : i meant "big piece".
(what a shame :) )