Monday, October 29, 2007

Underworld: Evolution Props

Looking to add to your already existing Kate memorabilia, or perhaps start a collection? Well, here are a two items available from which might be of interest to you:

The first item is the exact pair of Gauntlets that Kate wore in Underworld: Evolution. This is the real deal and even has "Kate Hero" written by the wardrobe department on the inner side of the pad.

Link to the Gauntlets

The second item is merely a replica, but is still undoubtedly cool.

"These boots are a replica of Selene's Boots in The Movie Underworld Evolution. They have a 4" heel and a 1.5" high sole, and made of first grade Cowhide. They are calf high and feature a lace up front with adjustable leather buckled straps. They also have a zip up side and feature knife holster on the right side of the right boot. "

Link to the replica boots

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