Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Kate Photos? No Way.

According to I'm not, these particular photos of Kate were taken just a few days ago at a "PBS Symposium". However, I think they have very much been given the incorrect information. Though Kate has a tendency to recycle her outfits, Kate was seen - scratch that, looked - identical to this at Miramax's pre-Oscar party back on March 23rd, 2002. The first thing that caught my eye was of course that spectacular denim dress (few could pull of such a dress, eh?). Everything is indentical: hair (which is longer than her current length); facial age; shoes; makeup, etc.

Verdict? Don't be fooled, these pictures are not new; they were taken back in '02.

Here's a picture taken from the Miramax party back in '02:

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