Saturday, October 27, 2007

Underworld 3: The Rise of the Lycans

After much discussion as to whether Kate would appear in the third Underworld film - a prequel - the rumours have finally been put to rest. Kate will not be returning for her role as Selene.

"Underworld 3: The Rise of the Lycans" is as I said a prequel and focuses on the forbidden relationship between a Vampire and a Lycan; particularly the story of Lucian and Sonja mentioned in the first film. Michael Sheen (Kate's ex, for those who didn't know) returns for his role as Lucian, while Sonja will be played by English beauty Rhona Mitra.

Though I'm disappointed to see Kate returning not - as I'd imagine most every Kate fanatic is - to the role and franchise which more or less sparked her career, I am glad they choose Rhona Mitra as somewhat of a replacement. She's a good actress and undoubtedly beautiful. Returning as the director is of course Mr. Wiseman.

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Alice said...

I think that's really cool, even though I love Kate I thought we knew everything there need to know about Selene after Evolution. Can't wait to see Viktor and Lucian again. I don't know who Rhona Mitra is, I'll check that right away! ;)

nichomach said...

It's certainly in line with what's been trailed previously, and has the makings of an excellent prequel (although it may now result in me wondering whether Tony Blair IS a werewolf...). I suppose it depends whether they use this to wind up the series, or whether there might be scope for a further film set post-Evolution. Personally, I think that there's room for several possible storylines there. Then again, they might just not fancy doing any more.