Friday, October 12, 2007

"Favourite Kate"

Just Yesterday, set up a poll asking it's readers who out of the many Kate's in Hollywood, etc was their favourite. The poll, which includes 6 different individuals with the name "Kate", has already managed to rack up an astonshing 682 votes. And unforuntately, our Kate isn't doing too well. With just 87 votes (including mine), she 20 votes behind Kate Walsh, 45 behind Kate Hudson and some 159 votes behind Kate Winslet!

So c'mon then, help me and let's get Beckinsale above Walsh. =)

HERE to vote in DearSugar's poll.


Alice said...

she's not that far behind Kate Walsh anymore! I tried to cheat and vote for her several times, but it doesn't work... I have several computers though... *smirks*

BruceMcc said...

Indeed. She's caught up quite a bit.

As for the several computers... How devious of you Alice. ;-) =D