Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kate Beckinsale: SAG Presenter

LOS ANGELES—Russell Crowe, Kate Beckinsale and John Travolta are among the stars set to present trophies at this week's Screen Actors Guild Awards.

SAG officials said Monday that Crowe, Beckinsale and Travolta will be joined at Sunday's awards ceremony by Debra Messing, Tommy Lee Jones, Terrence Howard, Nikki Blonsky and Holly Hunter.

Previously announced presenters include Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson, Emile Hirsch and Burt Reynolds.

The 14th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards are set to be broadcast live on TNT and TBS from the Shrine Auditorium.

The ongoing writers strike is not expected to affect the SAG Awards because the Writers Guild of America has signed agreements allowing its members to work the ceremony.

Earlier this month, the Golden Globe Awards' televised banquet was scrapped and replaced with a news conference to announce winners. With the guild planning pickets outside and declining to let writers work on the show, no one showed up to accept awards in person.

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