Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Angry" Candids (1/22/08)

Ooohh... Kate does indeed not look happy. Come to think of it, I can't ever recall Kate being angry at the Papparazzi before. But hey, you can't blame her. Being a celebrity certainly has it's downsides, and this is obviously one of them.

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dan murray said...

funny i never have seen her so angry--well everyone has a reason now and then and the paparazzi always push too hard....she always seemed to work them rather than the other way round ...hope she has cooled off to know not to bite the hand that feeds her..dan murray

dan murray said...

she is supposed to be on a segment on American show TMZ-tonignt 1/25-dan murray

dan murray said...

today they are all over the net--here is a few of kate in her yellow dress from last night at the SAG...DAN MURRAY