Monday, June 4, 2007

"Underworld Evolution" Set (2006)

Some shots from when MTV visited the "Underworld Evolution" set. Photos taken in early 2006 (in Vancouver as far as I believe).

Original album here


dan murray said...

if you ask me I think she was better looking than the real Eva Gardner...however Eva was considered beautiful by a scale set fifty years ago....over the weekend I saw another beautiful British woman from the 60's in a movie from 1960 called SINK THE BISMARK--the British woman was DANA WYNTER and she reminded me of Kate as she would have been in 1960-very similar look---another modern beauty that caught my eye is the young girl in 28 WEEKS LATER...her name is IMOGEN POOTS..funny name but a budding beauty....seems like each generation has a vision of what is beautiful--however Kate is timeless and it shows...thanks for all --dan Murray orlando, fla.

dan murray said...

by the way I have this half hour special from MTV on tape---it came out on the eve of the release of UNDERWORLD EVOLUTION back in 2006---not much new--a new short interview but if you have the extra long underworld evolution with extras it has most of the shots in the DVD-DAN

dan murray said...

one more comment-on you-tube there is a short video of a young kate who is about 10 years old exercising --the clip shows kate working out with AM radio person --short but interesting---I found it by just plugging in KATE BECKINSALE--DAN M.

dan murray said...

the YOU TUBE video is called ...

BruceMcc said...

1st comment:

I agree. Kate was better looking than the real Mrs. Gardner ;-)

I checked out Poots and Wynter. Interesting girls and I've certainly got to no complaints!

I've been meaning to ask, aside from Kate, what other celebrities do you like?

As for Kate - she truly is timeless. I know I will like no other celebrity girl more than her.

2nd comment: Ahh, I see. Thanks!

3rd comment: Saw it a few days and wanted to post it on my blog, but that particular video doesn't allow embedding.

Thanks for the comments!