Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"I'm Jealous of Boys"

Kate Beckinsale's acting ambition is to play a man on the big screen. The British actress is bitter about her gender, because she's sure men get better roles. She says, "I'd like to play a man. The last DVD I bought was The 40 Year Old Virgin and it made me so want to be a man! I love the part in the movie when the guy's sitting in the bar and the other guy starts flicking him in the balls. Women don't do that to each other. I'd love to say to my girlfriends, 'What's up bitch?' like guys say to one another. I'm jealous of boys. They're lucky."


dan murray said... not know if you saw these--kate in white---

also if kate wanted to understand more on how men relate and think my favorite is BULL DURHAM---however the 40 year old virgin is good also--thanks--dan murray

BruceMcc said...

Hey Dan,

I had not see those pictures! Very nice, thank you for posting a link.

Anonymous said...

Kate should play Viola in a remake or sequel of Shakespeare in Love or new movie based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. She'd be so perfect

BruceMcc said...

I agree. In turn, it would also display another dimension of her acting which most have not seen.