Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Candids

Thanks to my reader Dan Murray for the heads up.

They certainly look like a happy bunch!


dan murray said...

what...look at his toes--they have nail polish on real man would ever do this....unless Kate did it in bed...maybe then...dan

look at the pictures from a few days ago when she was in white--the nail polish was not there..must have just been the way she has one foot with polish and the other with out---strange family...dan

dan murray said...


BruceMcc said...

Thanks for the pictures Dan. I've also got a whole other bunch from the same day coming up!

As for Len's nail polish.. Have you ever heard the term 'metrosexual', Dan?

Such styles are normal - even among men (when one is a mextrosexual).

As for Kate's nail polish..Haven't got a clue, lol!