Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Kate On Plastic Surgery (Recap)

Kate Beckinsale would hate anyone to think she was "shallow" enough to have plastic surgery.

The 'Pearl Harbour' actress, 33, thinks cosmetic surgery is selfish and she doesn't care what anyone thinks about her - as long as they don't believe she was superficial enough to consider going under the knife.

Kate told Britain's Sunday Express magazine: "Nothing bothers me except the connotations of being a person who would have plastic surgery. "That implies a kind of insecurity, shallowness and thoughtlessness that I don't feel applies to me very much."

The actress, who is currently starring opposite Adam Sandler in 'Click' about a husband who can fast forward life, has also admitted she hated having to wear make-up to made her look older in the film. Kate said: "I didn't love it. It was really hard sitting in makeup for six hours and then ending up looking worse than you are in real life. I hated looking old."

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