Friday, August 3, 2007

Comic-Con Video Clips

Thanks to "Jigsaw96" on YouTube for the videos. Should you desire, you can view his YouTube channel by clicking here.

What a sense of humour! :-)


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Kluz said...

English isn't my first language, plus the sound is not so loud and clear, so could someone please tell me what she says in the second video , after "... green screen free " etc....
I didn't caught those one's.

BruceMcc said...

Sure thing kluz. Here's my attempt at telling you what was said.

"Kate: I honestly… I..I… I know you guys probably don’t believe me, but I don’t feel I’ve had much experience with a green screen

Kate to Director: We didn’t use a green screen, did we really?

Director: You’re almost green screen free

Kate: I’m green screen free!

Kate: In all of the movies I’ve been in; obviously everybody likes; my husband likes practical explosions and high danger for the wife.

--Hence the laugh from the crowd--

Kate: Also, I wasn’t really part of the green screen staff; I think, I’m not hugely well qualified.. It’s hard yelling at a stick.

Some joke is made at the end, but I am unable to hear the jist of it.

Hope this helps!

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Jigsaw96 said...

Well, it's nice to see that someone posted my wonderful vid with no credit given. That's cool. It was originally recorded and posted on YOUTUBE by myself, Jigsaw96. Do me the least and check out my SHorts I have done on my YOUTUBE channel. Sorry I couldn't record more and in better quality. But I'm one of the only guys with a camera that stuck it through to record Kate's section of the panel, so ya can't really complain

BruceMcc said...


I profusely apologize; please take not that no disrespect was intended, nor any attempt to stealcredit for what was yours.

The reason as to why I did not include where the videos were from was because I assumed most knew that to see the original contents (location, uploader, etc) all one had to do is click somewhere on the video and it would bring up another window (one which was the original link)

Nevertheless, I will edit my current posting giving you the credit you deserve with a link to you're channel.

As for the video, we thank you very much.

Once again, my apologies.

R/Bruce McCulloch

Jigsaw96 said...

Oh that's cool. I didn't try to come off as being disrespected. It's video, anyone has access to it. Don't stress.