Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Beckinsale Studies Crowe For Rage

21/07/2005 01:25

British beauty Kate Beckinsale studied the films of Russell Crown to inspire her on-screen rage as Selene in the forthcoming Underworld sequel.

Beckinsale steps back into her leather outfit for a second time to play the vampire warrior in Underworld: Evolution, which is directed by her husband Len Wiseman.

The Aviator star admits she studied Crowe's troubled characters Maximun, Capt Jack Aubrey and Jimm Braddock in Gladitor, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World and Cinderella Man respectively.

She explains, "I studied Russell and it was immensely helpful."

Beckinsale was keen to stipulate she only studied Crowe's screen persona, and not his volatile real-life antics. The Oscar-winner was arrested last month (JUN05) for allegedly assaulting a New York City hotel employee with a phone handset.


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