Sunday, August 5, 2007

BT'07 Update #4

And the winner is...Kate! Not of the whole tournament (sad to say), but rather her specific group. She is advancing to the 'Knock Out' round having trumped all three of the other babes in her particular group. Her last match, against French beauty Jennifer Lamiraqui, ended as of yesterday; and you'll be happy to know she whipped Jen by 40 some votes!

If You haven't a clue as to what I'm speaking about - click here

Her next (and first 'knock out') match-up starts on the 14th of August and it's against Greek beauty Petra Nemcova. I have a strong feeling this match is going to be a tough one.


SvKRO said...

Petra Nemcova is from Czech Republic, not from Greece... :P

BruceMcc said...

Hey..I know that name ;)

As for Petra, somebody had long ago told me she was from Greece. Doh!

Thanks for the correction and for stopping by.