Monday, July 2, 2007

Kate's Breasts


I recently found myself searching through some older posts on different celebrity-based forums and as per usual, I came across the common complaint regarding Beckinsale's breasts. You know what I'm talking about - "ugly", "too small", etc.

Truthfully, comments of such nature are nothing new to myself (or any other Kate junkie), but what really shocked me was when I learned of a plastic surgery website who gave Kate the award of "the ugliest breasts in Hollywood".

Naturally, being the hardcore fanatic I am - I wasn't too happy with such a claim.

Sadly though, It would appear there are more than a few would agree in saying she has awful breasts and unfortunately, even Kate herself is dissatisfied with her own breasts (that particular article can be
read here).

Admittedly, she doesn't boast the biggest or beast breasts in the industry, but is it really that big of a deal considering her other attractive strengths such as intelligence and natural beauty? I realize everyone has different priotories which they look for in a woman, but c'mon...

As you all know, I already feel that she is quite simply a few steps above the competition. She certainly offers intelligence, beauty and sexiness in ways which most other celebrities cannot match. I'll take her superb combination over any trashy bimbo with large breasts!

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