Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Kate!

Today is a special day is Kate's 34th Birthday!

While others, (maybe even Kate herself) might deem turning 34 years of age as a negative; I can only see it as a positive. As I've stated in the past, I feel that Katie is aging like fine wine and as a result, is getting considerably sweeter with age.

Furthermore I'd like to send out my congratulations on this special day to Kate's successful film career. Sure, she's doesn't have a net worth equal to Jessica Alba, nor have some of her recent films been that great; nevertheless there's no doubt that she's well paid and is currently on the rise. Not to mention, while still relatively unknown in the mainstream of Hollywood (I really do think so), Kate has gone from a side casted, low payed actress to an ass kicking, film leading, box office churning babe. I hope the following years are even prosperous for her.

I truthfully wish that she has the absolute best Birthday a person could have!(husband Len Wiseman better make sure of that ;-) )

Now, let's take a look at Kate's evolution from a young child, to a pretty teenager, to the woman she is today.






While I'll know she'll never read this, I feel compelled to say:

We Love you Kate! We love everything about you and imagine most everyone would agree when I say: "we wouldn't change a thing about you; we love you for who you are".

You're an: inspiration; a hero; a great actress; a role model and above all else, a great mother.

Once again, Happy Birthday and have a great day.


One of you're many admirers


Alice said...

cool article!! nice pics... one day late but...
Happy Birthday Kate!! Years come and go and you're still gorgeous and nice!! We love you!! <3

dan murray said...

everyone knows vampires stay young and beautiful least on that woman..hope she had a happy birthday and very little cake...thanks as usual--dan murray---also hey I dont care what they say..her husband did a good job on DIE HARD..CANNOT WAIT FOR THE COMIC-CON REVIEW OF INFO ON WHITEOUT--Kate is supposed to talk there today-dan