Friday, September 21, 2007

CHANEL & P.S. ARTS Party at CHANEL (9/20/07)

And some more stuff to feast you're eyes on...

I quite like her dress; it's a tad eccentric I suppose, but I like it!


dan murray said...

hey bruce did you see my comment on the site where kate shows here wilder side by giving the finger?

see below comment''

dan amaurray

nichomach said...

I suppose one man's eccentric is another's simply stunning... *grin* Personally I think the dress is fabulous.

BruceMcc said...

Dan: Yep, I saw you're comment. Much appreciated (as always), I'll update the blog with the video tomorrow as well as some other stuff.

Nichomach: Don't get me wrong mate, I like the dress! Just hadn't seen Kate wear anything as such in a while.

Thanks for the comments guys,